EXO L USA General Rules & Guidelines

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EXO L USA General Rules & Guidelines

Post by Starryeol on Fri Aug 29, 2014 9:02 pm

Keep in mind:
►These rules apply to the entire forum at all times.

• Profanity, anti, racist, or other harmful messages to any member, staff, celebrity/artist(s), their staff, or agency is absolutely prohibited!
- Rumors are perfect example of harmful messages.
• Please keep everything PG RATED in all areas of this forum (this includes your profile status and signature area) for our younger viewers/members.
• The use of curse or swear words is not allowed!
- We are an international community. While we all share an interest in EXO, we have a lot of regional diversity. What one person thinks is "Okay" may seem offensive to another. For this reason, please refrain from using curse words and posting content that could come off as offensive.

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